Sunday, July 25, 2010

Settling Into A Routine!

We are finally moved and getting settled in. Well, we've technically been moved for about a month and a half, but have been swamped with getting new furniture, decorating and getting the horse facility set up. Between all that, working horses between both here and the barn, more training and lesson inquiries as well as getting ready to hit the show ring again soon, there has hardly been time to breathe!!

This week I hope to embark on another update of my website in the late evenings when I have time before falling asleep, and I plan to make time for regular blog posting like last year again. There are so many topics I want to cover, many of them are already started, I'm simply chomping at the bit.

ETI Corral 88 is having our next meeting right here in Pinon Hills, for details if you're local see our website at Two outstanding veterinarians will be discussing hot weather issues with horses, and we will be presenting a mini-clinic on the [un]Extreme Cowboy Course at the ranch. We'd love to have anyone close enough drop on by! There is no cost, just come on down ~ everyone is welcome.

That's all until tomorrow...


Saturday, July 24, 2010

RIP, Beautiful Lady

Yesterday one of my favorite horses on planet Earth was laid to rest. Her devoted owners have spent untold thousands of dollars over the past five years doing everything in their power to avoid the inevitable, making sure she had the best possible life any horse could ask for. This wasn't the return to blogging I had hoped for, and the topic I was working on for today will have to wait.

Rest in peace, lovely girl...

Ravishing Ruby GA
(GA Suede X GA Estrella)
Chestnut Arabian Mare
1994 - 2010