Sunday, July 30, 2017

Setting Sail On [Another] New Journey In Blogging...

Welcome back! Again. I know, how many times have we danced this same dance together? More than a few. That's my fault, and I've never shied away from admitting my faults or from taking responsibility. So, here we are, one more time. All I can do is promise to make more of a commitment to post more frequently. Right? So let's get to it.

This blog began in 2009, dedicated to helping horses and their owners. It's also been a resource for trainers and other equine professionals. We've covered many topics over the past 8 years, and there are so many more I can't wait to explore. If you have a topic suggestion, email me at, or send me a Facebook message through our page --

While I've been on hiatus, I have had some great ideas for posts, so be sure to follow along and gain more wisdom on this amazing journey we call horsemanship.


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