Friday, November 20, 2009

Fabulous Friday! R is for Rescue...

Today for fun I thought I would give a shout out to my favorite horse rescue organizations and offer them support. Rescues (legitimate ones, recognized tax exempt, non-profits which do not engage in unethical behavior ~ there is a massive difference) need all the help and support they can get these days.

All three of these groups I have personal experience with, I have been to their facilities and know the owners/founders/people involved personally. All three of which I have no qualms about supporting, both financially and otherwise. While I may not always agree 100% with every policy of every rescue even I support, the good work they do far exceeds any minor changes I would personally make.

First up is Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Lancaster, California. A major success story, LWHR did not start out that way. Founder Jill Starr and Assistant Manager Chris Vilmer do an outstanding job of running their rescue, providing for the horses in their care and they have build a strong donor base over the years. They regularly hold fund raisers and other events, plus education plays a major part in their program. I give a huge kudos and two enthusiastic thumbs up to Jill, Chris and their entire team for the incredible work they do.

Link to their website here: Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue.

Next is Mustang-Spirit Rescue right here in Pinon Hills, California. The history of M-S only goes back seven years, but in that time they have proven to be one of the very best in California. Care is first rate and not enough good can be said for founder Tania Bennett's hands on approach to helping horses. They routinely throughout the year have fundraising events and assist in efforts to help educate the public. Theirs is a wonderful endeavor and I wholeheartedly encourage folks to learn more about their mission.

Link to their website here: Mustang-Spirit Rescue.

Finally we have Under the Angels Wings Rescue nearby in Phelan, California. Founded by Courtney Hobson in the late 1990's as a mere dream of saving horses, UAWR has become a leader in equine rescue. Focused on giving horses a second chance, Courtney doubles as trainer and evaluator with her years of experience in riding and training, she was voted one of the Most Inspiring Women of the High Desert a couple of years ago and took part in the Extreme Mustang Trail Challenge in Norco, CA last May as one of the chosen trainers.

Link to their website here: Under the Angels Wings Rescue.

Please look into supporting horse rescue ~ the horses NEED you!



  1. You took the words right out of my keyboard -- this is the subject of a couple of upcoming columns for me. I donate to charities for all kinds of groups (animals, people, etc.), in the names of friends and family. American Cancer Society for my Mom and others in the family, American Heart Association for my Dad and his side of the family, as well as cat, dog, horse and other rescues. No need to worry about size or style--one size fits all and these donations are always appreciated, as long as you do your research and give to legitimate groups, as you said.

    Good job, Stacy. All three are good groups.

  2. Thanks, yes they are!!

    All charities are hurting ~ do your part, readers, donate today!


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