Friday, January 1, 2010

Good Riddance!!

Welcome to the title suggests, we are bidding good riddance to last year.

This new year begins with great hope and promise. As mentioned yesterday, we have exciting plans for a very full year. What do you have in store? Anything special?

Hopefully you had a wonderful New Year's Eve with a fun, safe celebration and lots of good cheer. We spent a quiet night at home with the family, which was very nice.

This morning sit back, have a cup of your favorite coffee, cocoa, cider or other hot drink and enjoy the beautiful Rose Parade.

Happy New Year!!

Tomorrow we are back to talking horses. :)



  1. Now a somber note to start the year. This morning it was reported to me (and by now surely on other blogs and forums) that there was a shooting on Wednesday night at Varian Arabians in Arroyo Grande, California. One mare was lost and another is recovering.

    R.I.P. Sweet Sanadika V (*Sanadik El Shaklan x Sweet Inspiration V) May 5, 1989-December 23, 2009

    Get well soon Mosquerade V (Huckleberry Bey++ x Moska).

    Our thoughts are with you this New Year (and always), Sheila.

  2. I am sorry to hear about the shooting at Varian Arabians. What on EARTH would possess someone to do something like that (I know, I know. There IS no answer. Some defense attorney will probably lay claim to a self-esteem issue).


    MY plans for 2010 include getting well enough to ride. The shoulder surgery was deemed a success, now it's PT and rehab and doing my exercises at home "early and often." The therapist says do 10 reps, I do 15 or 20; he says do the exercises 3x a day, I try for 4.

    I am starting the New Year with a crockpot full of "Hoppin' John" and will make my cornbread in a minute. I also have a fancy mash to make for the big redhead in the barn who is 16 years old today. Sixteen!! I got him when he was four-and-a-half. Time flies ;o)

    I'm looking forward to a good year, with lots of horse activities and writing and good health--specifically STRONG SHOULDERS! ;oD

    Happy New Year to all!!

  3. I spent the morning running around doing a quilt shop hop. Found some treasures!!!! Yay, me. On the horse shootings--hell is a better place than they deserve. Period. I personally admire Sheila Varian and what she has worked so hard to accomplish. That someone would actually take a gun and shoot two of her horses is reprehensible. Probably she fired a stable hand and this is his revenge. Asshole.


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