Saturday, May 8, 2010

Safety First, ALWAYS Safety First!

As horse owners, riders, handlers and trainers, one of the most basic tenets of good horsemanship is safety. I preach to my students and clients how important it is to pay attention to what the horse is doing, to what is going on around you and your horse, and think ahead. I had a whole blog post I'd wanted to write on safety as it pertains and relates to horses and horsemanship but like every other night so far this week, I am just too exhausted to finish it. That I will get to later on.

Today my husband and his helper, a young man of just 27 years old, were at a jobsite working on installing some flooring. This was to have been just about a wrap on this particular job, when suddenly something went horribly wrong. Brandon, the helper, nearly lost several fingers on his right hand in a freak accident with the table saw. Tonight he is in the hospital where he will hopefully be able to have them reattached surgically.

Things can happen SO fast. Tragedy can occur in a blink of an eye. That goes for just about every aspect of our lives. Please say a prayer tonight for Brandon and keep in him your thoughts.



  1. And that is how my SO lost the index finger on his right hand. In the blink of an eye. Sure hope things work out right for this young man.

  2. Update ~ Brandon lost his ring finger on his right hand, but is totally upbeat and positive. In fact, when my husband talked to him after he was discharged from Loma Linda, he was making corny jokes and the only real concern he had was whether or not he could still be able to work for my husband again. The answer to that was a resounding YES of course!! Hard worker, reliable and does a great job sorts are tough to find. You bet Brandon will have a job as long as he wants to work with my honey!


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