Monday, September 13, 2010

Phelan Phamily Phun (and other adventures)!

I am really trying hard to get back into the swing of blogging. I've gotten so much feedback from so many people who really love the blog and are sad I'm not very active in posting anymore, to those folks I apologize and believe me when I say I truly appreciate all your kind words from the bottom of my heart.

Last Saturday was the Phelan Phun Day complete with a Patriots Day Parade because it was held this year on September 11th. At the last minute, we in Corral 88 decided to put together a humble little group and ride in the parade along with having the booth we'd been planning. It was a rousing success!! We had three riders (originally our group was six, it was not to be for personal reasons with several of our members) plus a restored antique Farmall tractor pulling a hay wagon filled with more members. In the parade judging we sill won third place in both the equestrian and non-equestrian categories. We are very proud of everyone who made a colossal effort to bring this together. Onward we march to the next parade!!

Check out the ETI Corral 88 website for upcoming events and information on what we're doing and what we've got in the works. There are a ton of fun events coming up ~ if you're in Southern California, stop on by and join us. :)

Back on August 21st I took my own English show mare (who made her parade debut last Saturday and was completely awesome) to a local playday for schooling. We ran in all five events, which were pole bending, single pole, keyhole, cloverleaf barrels and speed barrels. I am SO proud of this mare, she is just amazing. We didn't ribbon, they only placed to third and there were 30+ rides for each class with some real gymkhana horses there, but our times were respectable and I have no doubt we'll clean up when we mosey on out to the regular gymkhana in the Future Champions division.

We've got a bunch of shows coming up and some Competitive Trail Rides, too, plus I'm going to be doing some more judging.

That's all for now, until next time go hug your horses.



  1. Just keep on doin' what you are doin' and we will keep on checkin' in and if you are here; so be it. We just had our local festival, the rain quit early enough before line-up that it went off without a hitch. Have not entered in years; used to live three miles away and rode/drove in. Riding in a parade is so much fun.

  2. Applause on the Charro post, loved this line..
    "horrified by tack and equipement"

    So true.

    We strike terror into their poor sweet hearts, and wonder why.

  3. Thanks, ladies.

    Phaedra, we really had a blast. In the past few years we've done a couple of parades, and plan to do more. There are two local Christmas parades we're looking into.

    Hey GL, nice to see you. Thanks. One of these days I'll have to get video of my little ex-charro Reiner prospect I've been working on. Such a sweet boy and he's come so far.


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