Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Well, we made it. Survived 2010. My New Year's Resolution is to finally devote time to this blog again after a roller coaster of a year.

Last week ETI Corral 88 elected our new officers and board for 2011, I'm really excited about our plans. I was re-elected President by a unanimous vote and could not be more humbled by all the support. We've got an AWESOME group. Working hand in hand with 4-H, so much is going to be accomplished for the local community.

New students, new horses in training and a full slate of shows, trail rides, clinics and other events have our plate full this year. Can't wait to get started!!



  1. HAppy New Year, hope this is a wonderful year for you and yours

  2. Atta girl, Stacy! You'll make a great president (again). You have excellent ideas and (and a big plate ;o)

  3. Thanks Fern! Same to you and your family!

    Yes I do have a fully plate TBD, sometimes I wonder why I take on so much! :) Thank you!!


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