Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Don't come back another day! Well, just a smidgen of rain overnight would be a nice thing, enough to wet down the arenas, water the trees and plants plus maybe wash off the truck. We want good weather for the start of our show season!! Bright blue skies and sunshine, please.

Check out the ETI Corral 88 website, we have a lot of good stuff in store: Click Here. This Saturday, Matt Sheridan of Sheridan Performance Horsemanship in Tehachapi will be out in Phelan giving a clinic for us. This one is full, but you can still drop by to audit for free. Our next clinic by Matt is going to be April 28th and those spots are going fast, too. They're almost gone already.

I did have some training topics we were going to cover this week, but I don't know if we'll get to them. Finding time to write these days can be a bit of a challenge, but I'm NOT complaining! It was rather nice taking Friday, Saturday and Sunday off from the blog, though. ;)



  1. Just like taking a day off from arena work and hitting the trails clears the mind, a break from ANY task is good for the soul. How was the Horse Expo? Lots of people wrote on Facebook and in personal emails that they went, but there is no "show report."

    Inquiring minds ;o)

    BTW, you mentioned networking with driving enthusiasts at the Corral 88 meeting last month. There's an arena trial at Smoketree Ranch Saturday, FYI.

  2. You know, I didn't even get to see much at all of the Horse Expo, other than small children on lovely ponies. :) Plus playing with petting zoo animals! We were pretty understaffed, I was kept on my feet for all three days and I never saw a single demo/clinic or even got anywhere near the buildings. So, that part was kind of a bummer! On the bright side, I made enough money working that I'm buying a new saddle. Bonus!!

    I did hear about the driving event at Smoketree, that's the Morgan place right? We have a show down the hill on Sunday though, so I'm going to be getting horses clipped, bathed and ready as well as all of the other preparation that goes along with it. However, I'll pass on the word to other Corral 88'ers!!

    Never got a chance to say...THANKS for coming to our last meeting!


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