Saturday, August 8, 2009

Catching Up...Again (Post for Friday August 7)

I really have to learn how to set up this blog for automatic posting on certain really busy days, because I am finding myself more often not being awake enough come evenings to put up an intended post!

Anyhow, all I really wanted to do for my Fabulous Friday (cute, isn't it?) post was give thanks to the folks who support local equestrian activities.

Here in our area, we only have three local horse associations dedicated generally to horses and that host shows, with just one other over on the Los Angeles County side. There are four others which host barrel races and gymkhanas, but are not all 'rounders...and then we have a few local 4-H clubs, though only one of those is dedicated to showing horses and training as opposed to gaming. Now before anyone says it, there is nothing wrong with clubs being dedicated to gaming! :-D It just isn't our thing.

We are so blessed that overall we've got such a great horse community, with caring people who want to make the future better for the horses and their owners. Maintaining trails and trail access, having facilities available for shows, being active politically in the community in order to preserve the rights of horse owners are all so important.

So my wish for the weekend is that all of you go out and get involved in your own community. Volunteer, lend a hand, do your part and help safeguard what's precious to all horse owners.


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