Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This will be a short one, and it's getting late ~ whoops. But we are on "firewatch".

There was a fire only a few miles away today. I was giving a student a lesson when her grandmother noticed the smoke. Then, later on as I was heading into town, I saw a massive plume of smoke coming over the mountains. That one isn't all that far away, as the crow flies maybe 25 to 30 miles? Rough terrain, steep wilderness and it hasn't burned in that area in many years.

Keep your fingers crossed for us out here. California is on fire ~ again.



  1. Oh, NO! so sorry. Just the other day, Mr. Littledog and I were discussing, "by this time last year, California was totally under fire. Maybe this year will not be so bad for them? Cause, surely, there's nothing much left to burn..."

    Sorry we even had that discussion, we didn't mean to jinx you ;(

    Well, follow all your own advice that you posted on July 31! I'm sure I'll have a lot to say when the annual floods come back here in Nov-Jan.

    In the meantime, all my hopes and prayers are with you and your family and horses, that you all stay safe.

  2. Thank you littledog. Fortunately there aren't any horses in the direction this fire is burning, though there are two boarding stables due South at the mouth of San Gabriel Canyon. The fire is burning away, toward the North into a wilderness area, but it's supposedly getting windy down there, and you just can never tell when the wind starts pushing these fires.

  3. Oh my. Is there a fire season in California like we have a hurricane season in NC? August and September are the Hurricane months in NC, our ecology have even grown up to need the hurricanes, our trees ( Bald Cypress) need the cycle of flooding and drying to grow.

  4. Anymore because of the neverending drought, California seems to be in a perennial fire season. They just happen at any time, anywhere, no rhyme or reason. Well, the trouble also is once the TV stations start bringing up "red flag fire danger" and bad weather conditions (hot, dry, windy, etc) the fire bugs come out and set arson fires.

    Tonight the smoke here in Pinon Hills is so thick I can't see the horses from the house. Much worse than last night, but at least I can't see any fire line along the mountain ridgetop yet. I hope it doesn't get anywhere near that close. :(


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