Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabulous Friday!!

Today marks the seven week countdown to the Apple Valley Equine Extravaganza!!

Seven weeks from tomorrow afternoon, we will be presenting a showcase of fine Arabian show horses of extreme quality in a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from Halter and Sport Horse In Hand to Western Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Country English Pleasure, English Show Hack, Dressage and Mounted Native Costume.

We will have a booth set up where folks can come by, ask questions about the breed and pick up literature about these incredible horses, as well as having membership info available for our local Arabian club. I am working on getting a great group of people together to help man the vendor booth while we're doing our presentation.

Then, I am going to be doing a clinic and demonstration on Showmanship In Hand, which is getting really fun to plan out, and I'll be joined by a couple of my outstanding students in assisting me which is going to be a whole lot of fun! Afterward, I am going to host a question and answer session with the audience where they can interact and we can get into more specifics about the subject matter.

For my Showmanship clinic, I have enlisted the assistance of Paint horse trainer Dave Dennison and his website. What a fabulous site!! This is the first time I've ever endorsed an outside website, but I love this one.

What is going to make this day particularly special is that we'll be attending a horse show that morning in a neighboring city, the last in our second High Point Series (the other one wraps up September 20th). So, in all an extremely busy day.

So, if you are nearby and can make it, please plan to drop by at Horsemen's Center in Apple Valley, California on that day, October 3rd. There will be a wide variety of vendors offering just about everything horse-related as well as food, many clinicians touching on all sorts of different areas of horsemanship, many local trainers specializing in a wide array of breeds and disciplines, but best of all, it's FREE.


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