Sunday, October 18, 2009

Are You Ready??

Okay, a couple of weeks ago I had intended to post a topic about packing for horse shows. Between getting five horses ready to show, plus all the extraneous things that come with the preparation of horses and young riders to show, I simply ran out of time and stamina to make that blog post. So, here we go! :)

Many, many years ago I learned that making a checklist for what was necessary at a horse show was mandatory. Having shown horses for nearly 40 years, from the local, regional, national and international level, I have a fairly good idea about what is needed at about any show of any repute, and my list reflects that knowledge. It has evolved over the years, without a doubt. What was once about one half of a page is now two pages, but that is mainly because I've divided many categories further than they used to be.

My list is now in two parts. One for single day shows where we pull in our rig the morning of the show, leaving at the end of the day's classes and one for multiple day shows, generally of the rated variety. This didn't used to be the case, I would use the same checklist for all shows, but there is so much more we bring to the big shows that I made the move to separate them.

Here is the shorter of the two:

We use the above for one day shows (click on image to enlarge). Note there are only two columns per page, but we've covered everything we could possibly need. As this is also a "living document", it can be added to ~ and is on occasion!

Covered is important paperwork, show tack for various disciplines, show attire for various disciplines, accessories, tack cleaning supplies, work or schooling tack, auxiliary saddle racks, grooming mats, feed, buckets, grooming & preparation supplies, veterinary & first aid supplies, tool box complete with hardware, other incidentals and then of course things like an ice chest for food & drinks, chairs and so forth. If an item is not necessary for a particular show, that item is crossed off the list when we pack.

Now comes the larger of the two:

This is our list for "A" rated and other multiple day shows when we'll be staying over at least one night. Again, click to enlarge the image, and note that these pages are three columns as opposed to merely two. That is how we managed to fit both into two pages. ;)

It contains the same as our single day show list, and adds vitally important things such as additional necessary items of pertinent paperwork, additional feed-related items, additional work tack and related supplies, the bathing bucket with wash supplies, clipping and hoof prep supplies, groom room supplies, tack room supplies, dressing room supplies, stall cleaning tools, barn front items plus additional miscellaneous items such as microwave oven and coffee maker. Again, as it's a "living document", it can be ever-changing, and is!

Hopefully this will be of help to others as they plan for their show seasons. And may you all have GREAT rides and GREAT classes!!


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