Tuesday, October 13, 2009

As Promised, Show Results!

On September 20th the Mojave River Valley Horsemen's Association held their final High Point Series show for the year.

A student of mine brought home unanimous first places under both judges in Arabian/Half-Arabian Halter, Walk/Trot-Leadline Showmanship 10 & Under, Walk/Trot English Equitation 10 & Under, Walk/Trot English Pleasure 10 & Under, Walk/Trot English Country Pleasure 10 & Under and Walk/Trot Western Horsemanship 10 & Under. She was second under both judges in Youth Halter 17 & Under, Youth Showmanship 17 & Under, Walk/Trot Western Country Pleasure and Walk/Trot Trail 10 & Under. The only class where she had trouble was in the Western Pleasure class, where she was fourth under both judges.

In addition, Alyssa won her Daily High Point Walk/Trot English 10 & Under and Walk/Trot Western 10 & Under unanimously...plus she wrapped up her Year End High Point Championship in Walk/Trot English 10 & Under and Reserve Championship in Walk/Trot Western 10 & Under!! This has been a circuit that's had VERY tough competition all year, with a thriving W/T division and we all could not be more thrilled!

On October 3rd the Sun Country Horsemen's Association held their final High Point Series show for the year as well.

I have been competing with a yearling palomino filly owned by a client, and we brought home a unanimous first in the Late Yearlings/Foals of 2008 class (along with wrapping up our Year End High Point Championship in that division), placed second and fifth in the Arabian/Half-Arabian Halter class (wrapping up our Year End High Point Reserve Championship in that division) and she won the Yearling Longeline Futurity Championship unanimously!!

Then, the student who was showing was 3rd/3rd in the Arabian & Half-Arabian Halter, 1st/2nd in the Youth Halter, won the Youth Showmanship unanimously, placed 1st/3rd in the Walk/Trot Pleasure, 1st/2nd in the Walk/Trot Equitation and 1st/2nd in the Walk/Trot Country Pleasure, bringing home the Daily High Point for the Walk/Trot 12 & Under division (this student is not going for YEHP at this show) ~ Western and English are combined here for the W/T, she showed Hunt seat English.

We are anxiously awaiting the Year End Awards Banquets for both Mojave River Valley Horsemen's Association in Apple Valley and Sun Country Horsemen's Association in Hesperia!!



  1. Oh, cool--Congratulations! That palomino filly was the one you were somewhat newbie at the longeline class, right? Sounds like she and you got it!
    I bet the 10-y-o student is so happy and proud.
    Got any pictures?

  2. Yes, that's the golden girl!! She has come so far, it is just so amazing. Her owners cannot wait for next year's show season, as things are winding down for the year. I think there are fewer than five or six shows left all told, on various circuits from now until the end of the year?

    This student is positively GLOWING!! This is her first full year competing, she had only done maybe one or two shows per year since 2006, and she is amazing.

    To ace practically every high point award she was in the running for all year long (with the exception of I think one show), competing against tough competition and besting kids in her classes of up to seven or eight kids is just incredible, especially when you consider how relatively green her mare is ~ just inexperienced in the show ring, mainly ~ and how little experience she herself has.

    Just goes to show you that hard work and talent pays off!! :) :)

    And I am deeply indebted to all in our community who stand behind and support us, from the major newspaper that covers this entire area of our County, to pretty much 100% of my peers and the equestrians in the valley here.

    We are definitely very much blessed!

    Pictures...I hope to have an album open for viewing by the end of the month, and plan to add to it each month, though it will be accessible by password access only. Will keep all posted on the progress.


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