Thursday, October 15, 2009

We Made The News Again!!

In a VERY GOOD way!

Pictured in today's newspaper was the lovely Half-Arabian Palomino filly I have been showing all year for a client, there was a very nice mention of our most recent show ring victories and my exciting debut in the "Ask The Trainer" column.

You know, there is nothing better than being able to join in and enjoy the success of others, particularly those who have spent a lifetime working hard to get where they are. Most of my clients are those sort of people, who spend many years and many dollars (which they often do not have to spend lightly or loosely) to get where they want to be in the show ring ~ and just in harmony with their horses, period.

I have spent my life working for the benefit of horses and their owners, to help them and aid in clearing paths to success for each horse and rider team. Nothing beats the pride of watching a pair you have nurtured come along, through tough times and difficulties, to shine in the show ring or excel in whatever endeavor they chose.

That is what I dedicated my life to three decades ago.

To have the endeavors and successes of those wonderful clients with their phenomenal horses lauded by third parties is not merely icing on the cake. They are not only being recognized by me, but by our peers in the show ring and in the community. I raise my glass to them and tip my hat. Cheers!! You done good!!

While I am not a rich woman, nor have ever desired to be, I have wealth beyond measure in my relationships.

Today I dedicate this blog to all the countless clients who have been so incredible over all these years, to the wonderful members of this equestrian community we live in and to my peers that are always so supportive of all that we do. There is no greater or finer group of human beings than you.



  1. Congratulations. You deserve it.

  2. And, right on, carrots and multi-congratulations to all the horses who made our successes possible!!!

  3. Thank you Kaede!! And Littledog, I agree with you 1000%!! :)


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