Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What In Hell Were You Thinking?

I began this blog back in July as a happy, positive place to exchange equestrian ideas, talk about horses and generally enjoy ourselves. That is what I have wanted from day one, and as the rules were laid out in the beginning, this blog was never to become a flamefest, a place for arguing or anything other than an enjoyable experience.

During that time, when this blog was begun, I had already been engaging in some not-so-nice exchanges with a few very ugly people on several different blogs, which is what cemented my decision to begin this one. Having good, educational discussions was paramount to making this blog a success, and I have tried to follow that high road.

Sometimes it is not so easy, particularly pertaining to the fact that certain individuals are still making nasty, snide comments about me, about my clients, about my business and other equally absurd things.

But, I have tried. Until today.


This is not going to be a nice blog entry. Nor will it be a regular feature of this blog, to travel in this direction. But, sometimes what needs to be done, needs to be done.

That said and out of the way, I will begin:

* * * * * * * *

I received your little "package" today, Christine Tally. Thank you SO much for making sure it went into the hands of my landlord, who passed it directly to my husband. That was sarcasm in case you happened to miss it.

Some time ago I figured out that you had already hacked into my email address. How nice of you to hack into not one, but TWO email addresses. Were you aware of that being a Federal crime? A felony?

This is now being pursued by the Sheriff's Department as well as the FBI as a cyber crime.

* * * * * * * *

Loyal readers, thank you for sitting through this with me. This certainly is NOT what I had in mind for my blog, nor is it what I envisioned having to deal with today.

To those who are aiding and abetting this individual, or those who, like Dena Joy Rodacker of Minnesota, who are accomplices in this crime, or who received illicitly accessed emails from my accounts as well as those who received any information from Christine Tally in any way related to me, my family and my business by illicit means due to Mrs Tally's theft of our personal paperwork, and to those who have threatened to extort us in relation to the above, do not be surprised by a telephone call or personal visit from law enforcement.

What goes around, comes around.

Tomorrow, it's back to horses.



  1. Wow... I'm so sorry people are trying to give your grief, I hope "those people" get what they deserve!!! I for one love your blog. The hints and tips, the informative articles and most of all the showing/judging info and tips! Your loyal readers aren't going anywhere but I think we would all like to tell "the offenders" where to go and how to get there!

  2. Things sometimes go wrong, misunderstandings sometimes get amplified. Usually, the people concerned can talk between themselves and come to some agreement,even if the situation means they can't be friends again or forgive each other, at least (sometimes with the help of mediators or lawyers) they can come to a decision and move ahead with their lives.
    But not if random crazy people who have nothing to do with the situation keep butting in with their own random crazy crap!
    My advice to you--hire somebody else to shield you from the craziness, and go on with your lives, do the best you can to ignore the bullshit.
    Good luck and best prayers to you, Littledog.

  3. Thank you Rachel, that means so much!! I have really tried so very hard to maintain my professionalism in this matter and especially not bring this to my blog, as it was, is and always has been meant as a place for camaraderie, learning and enjoyment.

    But this was a matter of something simply being taken too far.

    Today during a break in my schedule I have gone back and looked into many various online accounts, and it seems that far more than merely the two email accounts were compromised. I have found changed passwords, Personal Messages intercepted through various websites, account settings changed and much more evidence than I even realized was available a few days ago.

    They even changed my location from Pinon Hills, California to Phelan, California right here on my Blogger account!! I would not have caught that for a very long time if I hadn't been updating passwords and information, I noticed it when I looked at my own profile. Unreal.

    Anyhow, legal proceedings and criminal investigations on both a Federal and State level have begun, and we will be proceeding with civil action to further protect ourselves as well, in addition to working on identifying any and all identity theft situations which are arising as I type in relation to this matter.

    I greatly appreciate all of the support given by this wonderful group of readers, and that includes all of you who read and do not post as well. You humble me. :)

  4. I hear you, Littledog, though tragically this has advanced into breaches of numerous Federal and State laws, and could move into the realm of a possibility of compromising National Security. Yes, this is that big a case.

    If this were a mere matter of harassment and defamation (which are encompassed in the whole, without a doubt), it would be far easier to move on and not allow this to affect our lives so much. But this is a case of six people who live within our local community and the surrounding area who have chosen to make attempts to destroy our lives. That will not be allowed to happen, no matter how much they escalate this situation.

    Thank you as well for your support. You may never know how much we appreciate it!!


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