Friday, January 20, 2012

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

We're battening down the hatches here, because a storm is on the way! While I know we desperately need the rain, I've been enjoying our unseasonably warm and dry Winter. Riding daily, we've even been able to keep our regular bathing schedules because of this gorgeous weather.

On another yet equally "stormy" note, there are so many horses that need homes right now things are getting downright scary in this economy. In this past week alone, I've been told about dozens of horses needing homes, most of which are free or at minimal cost. Folks simply want to or need to get out from under the expense of them.

Please consider opening your heart and your home to a horse in need this Winter. Too many are dying and suffering, we need to grow our industry until it becomes healthy once more.

This entry is going to be short, however I wanted to mention a tragedy which struck the local horse world last week, the unexpected death of Jim Hasty, owner (with wife Gail) of the beautiful Boulder Creek Ranch in Hesperia. Jim had been ill over a year ago, and had been treated for a brain tumor. Recently, he had fallen ill again and passed away one week ago today. Gail and the entire Boulder Creek family are in our thoughts.

I'm off to the ETI National President's Brunch in the morning yet again, down at the Rose Bowl Riders clubhouse in Pasadena. It should be fun!!



  1. Don't blow away on that trip down the hill ;o) It's sprinkling here right now (just before 8 a.m. Saturday) and my horse, being the Emperor that he is, requested dining inside. Of course, he got that request granted, and I'm going to fix a hot mash for him later today.

    He saw the vet yesterday for a lameness that occurred "instantly" (as the vet said, the issue has been there a long time and I guess he just decided not to tough it out any longer) so he had a joint injection and a Tildren shot. Checked out a few other things too (eye that had a slight infection), but he's "good to go" as of Tuesday, and I'll keep an eye on him to see if he needs another Tildren shot--sometimes horses need two, esp. for sore hoofies.

  2. Apparently we got very little to no rain up here in Pinon Hills, however it was raining cats and dogs down the hill this morning!! An overturned big rig on the transition road to the 210 in Pasadena (at the 134 split) made the trip doubly exciting, however we arrived back home safe and sound. :)

    Hope your boy is feeling better now!


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