Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Pony!

Why and how do I get myself into these things?

Here's the story...a friend of mine has a friend who needs to find a home for her small pony ASAP. I tentatively said I'll take him, if he's something I can use for children's lessons. All she knows about him is he's supposed to be "good with kids", however that can mean different things to different people.

Today I took a friend with me over to take a look at him, and while I'd like to say I was not prepared for what I saw or surprised, I cannot. He came trotting up and nickered at me as I approached his paddock. Two things I immediately noticed were how thin he was (complete with wormy belly) and the fact that his hind feet looked to be a good 6-7 inches long. Keep in mind, this is a pony of about 10 hands.

She had already been through bringing one back from the brink of death recently (Meet Aneela: as well as rescued a 16h gelding who had been used as a pony horse and outrider's mount then abandoned at the Santa Anita racetrack, and she's not inclined to take on any more projects at the moment. Neither am I, my plate is full and the inn is decidedly full! I can make exceptions if the individual would be suitable for my program, just not dozens of those who need serious rehab and training. Sadly, this boy needs both.

This is the adorable little bugger~

So if you happen to be in the general area, he is in Pinon Hills and needs to find a home just about yesterday. Get in touch with me and I will make sure you're hooked up.

Which brings me to a topic that I want to touch more on later, that is folks getting horses or ponies they're truly not prepared to handle and who prove to be too much for them. Without some common sense and at least a little bit of background in equine education, too many people just jump in unaware. It's a miracle more people don't get hurt, particularly children.

There are many predatory people in the horse industry, especially here in the High Desert. They go to the low end auctions and pick up cheap horses, often lame or rank, and resell them to unsuspecting newbie  horse owners who just don't know any better. Suddenly, when they can't handle the horse, the Miracle Pro steps in to save the day...only to charge outrageous amounts for "training" the horse.

Hey, I have an idea! How about NOT selling people inappropriate horses in the first place?

Okay, enough of my rant for one night. You can read more of my feelings on this topic another time, it's a sure bet this is one topic that will be revisited!!


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