Friday, December 18, 2009

The Meaning Of Friendship

It's Fabulous Friday again! Today, our topic is going to be all about the meaning of friendship.

I have been lucky over the years to have made some very good, incredibly dear friends. Most of them are still very close friends, while others have moved away and then of course there are those whom the world has lost. Most of those who have moved or drifted away in some manner we still keep in touch with.

Today's post is dedicated to all of them.

This time of year generally is a time of reflection, looking back on our lives and how we not only bettered things for ourselves but how we affected the lives of those around us. With horse owners, we include our beloved horses in that equation.

Recently I have made so many new friends, from a vast swath of the horse industry: Fellow professional trainers, riding instructors, facility owners, folks involved in pretty much every aspect of the horse world. I am learning so much from so many of them, as their experience and expertise is so diverse.

Horses can bring so many people together just because we have something in common ~ our love of the horse. Having dedicated my life to them as a professional more than three decades ago, it still never ceases to astonish me how full my life is with amazing ad truly wonderful, caring people because of the horses I love so much.

That's all for today, back to yet another horse training related post! :)



  1. There is much truth in what you say, and I can speak with absolute certainty that the BEST part of my life in the High Desert since moving here in 1998 is that redheaded four-legged who is currently snoozing in the round pen just outside my door. He fell into a tub of butter when I signed the check to the man who found him for me, and we have had a wonderful journey together. Can't wait to see what the next 12 years will bring us ;o)

    We've had some not-so-nice experiences with some horse people we've met along the way, but there is always that element of "bottom feeder" that makes life interesting. I think the "slugs" are there because we need reminders to realize how stellar the GOOD folks are ;o)

    We learn from them all.

  2. You can certainly say that again about the "bottom feeders", Lord knows I have encountered my share. :) However, for every one of those, there are at least ten good guys.

    Hold the good ones near and dear, forget the rest. Plus don't forget that living well is the best revenge!

    Surround yourself with good friends and food horses. That's what makes my life complete. :) :)


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