Saturday, December 5, 2009

Odds & Ends

Today I had another topic on my mind, however I decided to wait on that one and just throw together an "odds & ends" post.

Things are getting really busy, plans are being made for 2010 and we're readying our show string to take on the competition. Unfortunately it looks like a whopper of a storm system (a few, actually) is headed our way, which might mean snow, but we're hanging in there with both us and the horses all bundled up awaiting it's arrival.

We've got some more very exciting news to share, though more info will be forthcoming in the days ahead. If you'd like to know more, please email me at for information and I'll spill the beans. :)

Next weekend will be a full one for us, starting with the Sun Country Horsemens Association Year End High Point Awards Banquet, where we'll be bringing home some big prizes for our clients. It should be fun and we can't wait to see all our friends from the SCHA show circuit, they are truly a wonderful bunch!

Also, there is a special event planned on Sunday where we will be in attendance, which I'll write about the following Monday. Stay tuned for that one.

One of the fun topics I am working on for the future is a photo essay on making trails. This one is going to take some effort and needs a lot of thought put behind it, but it's going to be a neat trip down the trail with us. I came up with this idea while out hacking along on a trail ride this past week with some clients, students and friends down a brand new trail we had made last weekend after the rains went away.

Additionally, I wanted to send a thank you out for all the compliments we have gotten on the blog, the website, plus on my husband's blog and website as well. They are much appreciated!!

Until tomorrow ~ stay warm, dry and safe!


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